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Animal Aromatherapy services

Simone K is an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist, certified through a Holistic Veterinarian who's certification program is approved for continued education for Veterinary professionals, and can effectively and safely support you through many behavioural and health challenges with your animal.

Our Aromatherapy services can help effectively support your pet/animal of any species with the natural use of pet safe essential oils. From behavioral support, to help reducing chronic pain and inflammation, ease symptoms of allergies, digestive upset etc. all the way to supportive protocols for diagnosed illnesses and disease while you work in conjuction with your Veterinarian.

Each consult will guide you on how to introduce the oils to your pet, select the proper oils for your pet's ailment and get started with them as well as how to continue to use them in the future if required. 

The various packages as described below can be suitable whether you're already using a pet safe essential oil brand and just need guidance on proper usage or if you're new to it.

Aromatherapy consultation options

Most packages include the mail delivery of a selected amount of personalized oil samples for your animal's ailment(s) to use and select as demonstrated during the Aromatherapy Consultation and help you get started with the right usage. Each sample starter package will allow utilization of oils for 1-2 weeks. If  you need essential oil products for the use beyond the 1 week range for continued support for your animal, we will be happy to help you acquire those if needed.

If you already use pet safe essential oils (brands accepted are doTERRA, Young Living and AnimalEO) and don't need us to supply any, a discount will be applied to your package and we will make recommendations on which oils to have on hand for the consultation.

Single Consultation 

A single consultation fits pet owners who are already familiar with the use of oils and only need basic info/guidance or a pet business who's looking for basic protocols to apply in the business.


For example, basic guidance or general questions regarding pre- and post surgery or pre- and post vaccination protocols  or to learn more about different oils for certain ailments without them being personalized to a specific pet.


  • 45min Online Consultation


Cost: CAD $225.00+ GST

Basic Support Package

This package is a good fit if you have 1 pet with a

simple health related ailment such as chronic pain and inflammation like arthritis or similar, digestive upset, environmental allergies etc.


  • 1 Online Consultation

  • Essential oil sample starter packages for 1 ailment and pet

  • Written or video protocol of consultation for reference

  • 1 month email follow up

Cost: CAD $505.00+ GST

(Discount of $140 if you have your own oils)


Behavior/Extended Health Support Package 

This package is a good fit if you have 1 animal that has up to two, or 2 animals with each one simple ailment (as described in the single consultation offer). Or if your animal needs behavioral support for concerns such as general anxiety, reactivity, separation anxiety etc. 


  • 2 Online Consultations within 3 months

  • Written or video Protocol of consultation for reference

  • Essential oil sample starter packages for 2 different ailments or one behavioral sample package for 1 pet

  • 3 month email follow up

Cost: CAD $795.00 + GST

(Discount of $170 if you have your own oils)


Pro Support Package 


Cost: CAD $985.00 + GST

(Discount of $200 if you have your own oils)

This package is designed to help those animals that suffer from ongoing health issues and/or Veterinary diagnosed illnesses and disease that need progressive support and potential adjustments to protocols over time, such as seizure disorder, diabetes, cancer etc.

Alternatively it can also be utilized for a multi pet household (up to 3 pets, with basic single health ailments. Additional cost may apply for additional sample packages)


  • 3 Online Consultations within 6 months

  • Written or video Protocol of consultation for reference

  • Extensive Essential Oil Sample Starter package for diagnosed condition

  • 6 Month email follow up


If you're unsure what package is right for you, feel free to REACH OUT

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