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It's Not All About How They're Raised... and that doesn't just apply to Pit Bulls

When it comes to bully breeds, I keep hearing “it’s all about how they’re raised” “no dog is born aggressive” etc. As a huge bully advocate and being the owner of a Bull Terrier with pedigree from an extremely reputable breeder that I’ve owned from puppy hood and a Pit Bull shelter mutt that I acquired when he was about 1 year old I got great insight in this topic. It’s an absolute fact that we can’t over write or ignore genetics that come with dog breeds. Natural instincts that they are born with which some may display more than others but they are there. It's not about how the dogs are raise but about HOW THEY ARE HANDLED AND MANAGED which is totally different from how they are raised. And

Is Your Dog Really As High Energy As You Think They Are?

Most dogs are not as high energy as their owners believe them to be. SAY WHAAAT? Now to start out straight, I’m absolutely not saying that a Pug has the same exercise needs like a Border Collie. There are certainly differences of how much exercise different breeds and personalities of dogs need. Let me quickly tell you the story of Olive. Olive was in our Board & Train last year. Olive is a Border Collie that was reported to be extremely active and never getting enough always wanting to go go go. And honestly, with a breed like that, I do usually expect a certain need of physical and mental stimulation that is higher than your average lab etc. However, as I got to know Olive, I realized that

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