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K9 Possible Online Dog Training

online Mini courses & masterclasses
Mastering One Topic At A Time

Online Mini Courses are self guided/self study training courses with life time access are self paced online courses with detailed video curriculum, hand outs and training exercises, to get you started on your journey with your furry friend.

Masterclasses are lecture on one specific topic of interest to give a deep dive in knowledge and education.


The courses do NOT include any personal support from a trainer in any form. They are not intended to solve any major behavioral problems such as aggression etc.

Recall Basics.png

Content Covered: 

  • Recall Basics 

  • Teaching A Release Word

  • Recall Basics Exercise

  • Advanced Recall Exercise

  • Real Life Maintenance Tips

recall basics mini course (Self paced program) $35.00 

Learn The Secrets To Have Your Dog Come When Called More Reliably So He Stops Ignoring Your


This course you will teach you the foundational knowledge and exercises to help you teach your dog a Recall Command (Coming When Called) with the help of a long line and rewards, so you can work towards reliability overtime with the guidance of this course. It can also be a great foundation if you want to consider our Picture Perfect Recall program where we help you create 100% reliability and safety in any situation with a remote collar.


Content Covered: 

  • The Art Of The Walk Masterclass (the little things that make the biggest difference)

  • Choosing & Fitting The Best Walking Tool/Collar for your dog

  • The Leash As A Communication Toll (Teaching Pressure Release)

  • Teaching Loose Leash Walking

  • Teaching "Heel"

  • On Leash Socialization

loose leash walking 101 mini course (Self paced program) $49.00 

Start Enjoying Your Walks With Your Dog Again


Teach them how to walk nicely on a loose leash and pay attention to you.

This course will teach you leash handing skills to give you more control over your walk, most common mistakes of why your dog keeps pulling on leash and how to change it, educate you about different walking tools and what might be best for your dog as well as how to fit them and introduce them to your dog and of course how to teach your dog how to walk on a loose leash.

​Jam packed with video instruction and lecture and practical exercises so walking your dog doesn't feel like a chore anymore.


Bully breed 101 Masterclass

Coming Soon

A deep dive into the behavior and quirks of bully breeds and how they can flourish with the right handling and training skills.

Learn more about why you might struggle with some of their displayed behaviors or what to expect, why they do what they do and what you want to be on the look out for as you're building your life together so that you can life live with them as a responsible owner that truly can advocate for the breed and their loving needs.

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