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About K9 Possible Dog Training - Penticton

Meet Simone K, certified dog trainer and owner of K9 Possible and her team.

Who We Are & What We Do


K9 Possible Dog Training was founded in Nova Scotia and has since relocated to Penticton in British Columbia. The team currently consists of the certified Dog Trainer and Walks N Wags Pet First Aid Instructor Simone and her two dogs Durian (Bull Terrier) and Taz (Pit Bull Mix).


We are offering personalized private dog training and pet first aid courses that all together promote a healthy balanced life in the best interest of our companions, the dogs. 

Our training is geared towards the outdoor enthusiast who wants their dog to be an integral part of their life. We specialize in off leash reliability (dog's that come when called every time), solving behaviour problems.

"Dogs do speak but only to those who listen"

  by Orhan Pamuk

While teaching dogs is a big part, an even bigger part is teaching the human how to build a healthy relationship with their dog so they can connect with them on a deeper level.


It is important to know your individual dog and their individual traits to be able to communicate with them and create a mutual understanding.


Just as people, no dog is the same and we want to teach you not only how you can help your dog to understand you, but also how you can learn to "speak dog" and therefore understand what your dog has to tell you.

Owner & Head Trainer / Pet First Aid Instructor Simone K

I grew up with dogs and have been around them all my life. I totally understand how frustrating a life with a mischievous dog can be. Durian, my Bull Terrier girl, is a great companion now, but WOW did she know how to push my buttons.


It was Durian's personality that got me back on track following my career with animals and helping me discover my passion for dog training.

More About Me:


  • Certified Master Trainer, trained in various fields



  • Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals 


  • Chocolate addict 



Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid certified & Instructor

OPENING HOURS (by appointment only)


10am - 6pm 

Tuesday - Friday

K9 Possible Dog Training


Training Location / Mailing Address

205 Oak Avenue

Oliver BC

V0H 1T9

Phone: (250) 490-6211

E-mail: k9possible@gmail.com



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- Holistic Behaviors Services

- Board & Train

- Pet First Aid