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Why Is Your Fur-Baby Not In School?

I know this will be a controversial read and it may apply to some people and not to others. It is not to offend anybody but rather to maybe encourage some to change their view and put more effort in their dogs.

This topic came up on the phone with a fellow dog trainer... yes, we talk dogs even in our free time :P

Many people call their dogs their fur-babies, their babies, their four legged kids. Now, I’m not saying don’t do that at all and this article is not about why you shouldn’t do that (That’s a whole different topic).

The problem I have is when people call their dogs these names but they are not stepping up to what they call and compare their dogs to.

You would assume that a person calling their dogs their fur-babies or anything similar, comparing them to the same/similar love and need to care for as they have towards their kid(s), would do everything in their power to act in the best interested of their dog just as much as they act in the best interest of their kid(s).

If you have kids, you make sure they go to school, you provide them with the best education that is in your power and you try to teach them manners, morals and ethics to ensure they grow up to become good adults and good citizens of our community. Am I correct?

Now here is the part that may not apply to everybody as I know there is a lot of very responsible dog owner out there that are leading with great example…

So why is your fur-baby not in school (dog training)?

Why are you denying your dog the education it deserves to grow into a good canine citizen? Why are you allowing your dog to possibly be rude and/or letting your dog live with possible anxiety and stress for many years although there is people that can help you and your dog?

Back to your kids so you understand where I’m coming from.

We know that if we just let kids do whatever they want, let them skip school, ignore their bad behaviors over and over, that eventually it will back lash on their life. They may become terrible rude, entitled human beings and maybe in the worst case they may end up homeless because they never learned how to exist in society or become drug addicts which is an awful disease (I'm not saying a very educated person can't become a drug addict).

We also know, that terrible human beings, homelessness and addiction is not cured with love and attention only or by enabling them and providing them with food/drugs only so they can just go on with their habit. They need resources and need to learn social and basic life skills. They need to integrate into society.

From experience we also know that it takes much longer for anybody that has developed any of the above to turn their life style around compared to somebody that was raised in a way that helped them grow into responsible adults from the very beginning.

It’s the exact same way with your dog

It is much easier to prevent your dog from becoming a “bad dog” than turn him back around once he arrived at “bad dog status”. (Enter whatever bad behavior you want in the " ").

You attend dog training school to give your dog the education he needs to exist in this human world and become the best dog he can be from the start. You're helping raise your dog into a good canine citizen.

IF you call you dog your fur-baby, ensure you put the same effort in as you would in your kid. If you don’t, stop calling your dog your fur-baby.


About the author:

Simone Krebser - CPDT: Owner and head dog trainer of K9 Possible Dog Training serving the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia from Osoyoos to Penticton and Kelowna with result based dog training. Certified dog trainer, certified pet first aid instructor, member of the IACP, dog crazy and chocolate/cheese addict. “My life revolves around dog’s day in and out and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is my goal to help enhance the lives of as many dogs (and their owners) as possible. Your dog is my priority and I’m as committed to your dog as you are. But I can only help those who sincerely want to help their dogs and not only themselves.”

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