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Is E-Collar Training Right For You?



You may have heard about them. Maybe you have bought one or used one in the past?

Maybe you have contemplated buying one because you just don’t’ know how else to stop your dog’s bad behaviors?

If you have a dog that just doesn’t listen and that may have put himself and possibly you, into dangerous situations such as running after/bringing back wildlife, running towards an aggressive dog, eating poisonous stuff from counters etc. and you are at the point where you just don’t know how to change that…yeah you may have well thought about going to the store and buy a remote collar in hopes it will solve all your problems by just shocking your dog a couple times.

And maybe at this point you just haven’t, because you have just shied away from it because you were afraid of doing something wrong?

So… Here is my take on E-collars


Yes I do… I love the remote collars of the right quality when paired with professional training!

I however despise the store bought, online bought collars that are IN FACT shock collars and never in my life would I put them on any dog and just “shock the problem away”. Dog forbid!!!

I LOVE proper, modern remote collars/e-collars that allow us to communicate with our dogs through whispers rather than banging on them with a shock and punishing them for not listening.

If I could, I would teach every single dog owner with the use of a remote collar because I know what they are missing out on without.

Look, I know there is a lot of people or trainers that are totally against them and will shout ABUSE. But this is mainly because these people are missing some valid information and training using these modern tools. So you can’t blame them for not knowing what they don’t know.

I used to be one that cried abuse many years ago, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Meanwhile, technology has evolved to enrich our life’s AND now even the life’s of our dogs.

I myself and many of my students have discovered a new world of possibilities and freedoms through e-collars without the feeling that they are shocking or hurting the dog. Without feeling they are doing something wrong because…. Dayumm…. THEY DON’T.

They are all very caring dog owners who wouldn’t want to hurt their dogs and mistreat them. So...they don’t…

What they did though, they sought out help and were willing to put in the work it takes to properly train a dog with a remote collar.

Many of my students either had dogs they didn’t feel comfortable letting off leash due to either high prey drive or reactivity. Some dogs outright just gave them the finger every time the leash came off. Some dogs were rambunctious in the house and the more the owner tried to “train” and intervene and manage, the worse the dog got. Some dogs like to play keep away, others like to be rude pushy brats that keep nipping at owners and on and on and on….

And those people have tried and tried but things didn’t work. Until...they were able to learn how to use a remote collar properly. How to be able to communicate with their dogs in a hands off approach through and invisible leash that added so much more calmness, control and understanding to their relationship.

Their anxiety letting their dogs off leash has gone away, they are enjoying hiking with their dogs again.

Their reactive dogs are able to enjoy off leash freedoms because they don’t worry about their dog attacking another because it’s not listening.

Their home life has calmed down and balance has come back.

All for what? Proper remote collar training AND the work they put in!

It’s not a simple, throw the collar on the dog and press the button problem solved. It takes some finesse on learning a new skill…it takes time (several weeks) and commitment. It takes owners who are at a point where they are no longer willing to take limitations and who want their full freedom back for them and their dog.

So if that’s you and if you want to learn more about remote collar training and see if our program is a good fit for you shoot me a message.


About the author:

Simone Krebser - CPDT: Owner and head dog trainer of K9 Possible Dog Training serving the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia from Osoyoos to Penticton and Kelowna. Certified dog trainer, certified pet first aid instructor, member of the IACP, dog crazy and chocolate/cheese addict. “My life revolves around dog’s day in and out and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is my goal to help enhance the lives of all the adventurous and outdoorsy dog owners that crave no limits”

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