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The Truth About Bully Breeds

This is something really dear to my heart and people don't just only need to listen but they need to HEAR it. I want to tell you some more about the truth about bully breeds.

(aka Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers etc. and every square headed mutt that has some bully breed mixed into them)

I absolutely love these breeds. <3

I myself own a pitty mutt and a Bull Terrier. One pure bred dog with all the right qualities of the breed and one wonderful mutt that in the wrong hands would have been an absolute disaster.

Many people make the bully breeds sound cute and lovable and is if they were the best dogs ever for everybody.

And that is an absolute straight out lie.

And don’t come with the saying “it’s all about how they’re raised” cause that’s more bull crap

Before we get a little bit more into this topic, let’s talk about what a proper bully breed traits are and then also what the problem of nowadays bully breeds are.

A properly bred bully breed has the following attributes:

👉 High tolerance for human touch 👉High pain threshold 👉 Unbreakable commitment to task 👉 Love of conflict

Properly bred these are wonderful dogs and they have attributes and skills that match the human needs for a dog because they are the perfect working dog for humans.

At the same time this is what makes them very dangerous if not handled professionally or if poorly bred which most bully breeds nowadays are (including one of mine)

Getting a bully breed nowadays is like playing Russian roulette and you better have a good ear for where the bullet sits.

You basically have the options of getting the full package which is really rare or ending up with a dog that has some of the attributes of a properly bred bully breed and then some other stuff that really is of a disadvantage for the breed

You could luck out and get a dog that is very tolerant of human touch and not committed to anything which makes him the perfect couch potato.

Or you could get a dog that doesn't have a high pain threshold but is committed to their task but because of the lack of pain threshold he would be a poor hunter.

Or you could get one that is not tolerant of human touch and also very committed to their task which makes him extremely dangerous towards people and other animals.

I could go on and on with different examples but you get the picture.

You could literally mix one or two attributes with random other stuff and no clue what you're getting in which case you have an unpredictable weapon.

A properly bred bully breed maybe dangerous in the wrong hands BUT NOT unpredictable . . . So knowing that, we are dealing with other issues that really are the real issue here.

Because properly bred dogs in the proper hands are not the problem.

What do you think where breed-specific legislation's, breed bans and so on come from?

It doesn't come from properly bred bullies and experienced handler's that are owning them.

It comes from irresponsible backyard breeders that think it's great to breed a bully breed mixed with a random other breed (or a couple unstable put dogs together) which then are given out to every random Joe Schmoe that either thinks it's great to own a bully breed because they're also nice if "raised" properly or a naive handler that only has the picture of the "nanny dog" in their mind.

And of course, these dogs often are not what they are told to be, so they end up in rescues.

And then, there are many rescues that dedicate themselves to bully breeds (just because bully breeds need love too but really they have no clue what this is all about) and adopting them out to handler's that are not experienced enough.

They nice talk them to be this lovable smoochy dog that just need a lot of love and TLC instead of acknowledging their real traits. Because "save all the dogs"!!

And this is I call bull shit!

If you want a bully breed you have to be very aware of what you’re working with and what you are handling.

You need to know their true purpose, needs and limitations in this society.

You need to know how to biologically fulfill them for what they are bred for. . . . I'm a huge advocate for the breed and I don't want any harm to be done to them. But at the same time this is not your average dog.

Overall, as much as I love the breed, 90% of dog owners should not own them and especially not as a first time dog owner.

Every time somebody portraits their bully breed to someone else as the most lovable, most soft, most gentle, best couch potato dog ever like no other breed would be better, they are giving somebody else the wrong impression of what they might get when they own a bully breed.

Just because you got a couch potato doesn't mean somebody else will too...

Don't promote playing Russian roulette.

Be real and help keep bully breeds out of shelters by advocating for them as the wonderful dog breed they really are and communicate their true honest needs.

If you are a proud bully breed owner that wants to be a proper advocate for the breed and are looking for a training that can fulfill all your dog’s needs, while having a dog that you can really show off to the public because he is THAT awesome, you know where to find me.

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