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K9 Possible Dog Training Kamloops

Apply For Training with K9 Possible

Dog Training serving Penticton, Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley, Canada, USA & Globally

Training Application

- Before filling out this Training Application, please research our website and familiarize yourself with our training. Read our FAQ's if needed

- We prioritize and look for people with a strong commitment, open-mindedness, and those interested primary in advocating what's truly best for their dog and are interested in training and education that goes beyond the traditional "basics" and look for connection with their dog beyond training. 

- We DO NOT offer old school style group classes and/or just single stacked one on one lessons, but rather focus on modern education approaches, with various program components (incld. group & private lessons), that fit the modern dog owner's lifestyle and provides the best education format for long term success.

- Please fill out the information below carefully and in detail.

- By filling out our training application you will be automatically added to our newsletter. You may unsubscribe anytime

If you have filled out a Training Application previously and it will not let you enter your information again, please send us an email at

However, if this is your first time contacting us for training you must fill out this application in full.

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