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Dog Business Coach

Services for pet professionals

For Connection Beyond Training

Essential Oil For Dog Training

holistic behaviour/health support through
Animal aromatherapy

Are you looking to add a skill to your toolbox?

Feel sometimes stuck with certain behaviours in dogs?

Deal with dogs that deal with chronic health issues such as allergies, digestive problems, arthritis and more?

Interested to learn more or introducing your students to alternative/natural therapies?

Expand your toolbox and learn more about including natural remedies into your training practices to speed up and solidify training and boost your clients confidence.


 Ps. no selling or purchasing of oils required

Essential Oils For Dogs
Pet First Aid For Dog Professionals

pet first aid for individuals, teams & students

Do you work in or own a pet business and want to supply your clients with the highest standards?

Want to have peace of mind for yourself and your clients that all pets are in safe hands?

What about offering a bonus session to your students?

Simone K is a certified Instructor through the national leading pet firs aid company Walks 'N' Wags and we offer in person or virtual classes for individuals or groups including private group classes for entire staff or a group of your students.

Daycare Training

daycare play group management course

A Daycare can be a stressful environment for staff. They have to oversee larger amounts of dogs, deal with a fast paced environment, deal with loud noises and also put themselves in danger of getting bitten etc.


A lot of daycares experience a lot of staff turn over for several reasons.

One being staff that is overwhelmed due to a lack of dog handling/play group managing education which leads to dogs being unruly and agitated.  This in turn then creates a dangerous spiral that easily leads to burn out of staff and also a more stressful environment for dogs that can result in more accidents and injuries.

We have developed a course specifically geared towards daycares to help staff better understand and handle dogs and keep play groups calmer and more balanced. Not only does this help have staff feel more confident and empowered but also creates safer play groups that will honor dogs that usually are more reserved and create a more inviting environment for them coming out of their shells.

Included in the training is an assessment of the current day care environment and improvement suggestions as well a  1 day course with the entire staff.

Simone K Dog Business Coaching

program design for dog biz owners

For Dog Trainers and Dog Professionals that want to make a difference in their clients life but also in their business.


K9 Possible has been known to have some of the most innovative dog training programs on the market. Simone K is a leader and genius in effective program design that help dog business owners improve training results for clients

but also allow for monetary business growth and more time freedom.


An no, we're not talking about creating some "online programs". We mean highly effective experiential programs that allow you to really make a difference .

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