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K9 Possible Dog Training Holistic Dog Training

natural behaviour & Health support with
Animal Aromatherapy for pets 
Healthy From The Inside Out

Dog owners!

Interested in natural/alternative therapies for your dog's behaviour or health?

Have a dog with behaviour issues?

Have a dog with chronic health issues such as allergies, digestive problems, arthritis and more or any diagnosed illnesses?


Pet Professionals!

Are you looking to add natural remedies to your toolbox?

Feel sometimes stuck with certain behaviours in dogs?

Simone K is a certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist and has learned that dog professionals agree that dog training alone doesn't solve behaviour issues. It requires a dog that is healthy from the inside out. This includes physical and emotional health.

As long as dogs are either physically or mentally uncomfortable, the training results will always be lacking.

Whether their gut system is consistently upset or they're dealing with discomfort from allergies, pain, anxiety or stress, natural remedies can complement your training.

Working with therapeutic grade essential oils  is an easy way to help dogs better calm their system at a cellular level and address behavioural problems. As a result the dogs are more receptive to learning, can process new challenges better and recover faster from emotional stress. In many cases the use of therapeutic grade essential oils can enhance the training process and learning retention.

When it comes to health related challenges potentially affecting behaviour and quality of life, aroma therapy and essential oils can help reduce inflammation and pain, soothe symptoms of allergies and other discomforts and support the bodies overall system to achieve homeostasis which will promote self healing.

If you're unsure which of the services below is the right fit for you, feel free to REACH OUT 

3 Ways To Get Animal Aromatherapy Support 


What can an Animal Aromatherapy Consult help with?

  • Behavior support for pets

  • Help with chronic health concerns such as pain, allergies, digestive issues etc.

  • Support through illness and disease

1. Book personalized Animal Aromatherapy Consults

If your animal (we work with all species) has behaviour issues, chronic health issues or suffers from an illness that you'd like to support with natural health options, this is for you.

Our personalized Animal Aromatherapy consult packages can serve you whether you're new to the use of aromatherapy with pets and need help to get started OR already using pet safe essential oils and need personalized help.

In these consults we'll provide you with alternative options to support your pet and create a personal protocol for you to follow.


Disclaimer: Aromatherapy is not a replacement for veterinary services or intended for treatment of illness and disease but as a support option.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Dogs

2. Essential oils for dogs online course $59.00 + GST

Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils to support your dog naturally. 

This course, focuses on direct use of doTERRA essential oils and is designed to make application easy and straight forward.

It covers support for behavior, such as anxiety, thunder phobias, car anxiety etc, as well as the most common health issues from digestive upset, pain support for arthritis etc, to allergies, and immune support during kennel cough and much more. 

Designed by vet certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Simone K, the course includes specific video instruction and information, protocols and recipes.


Benefits Of Enrolling With K9 Possible?

  • FREE access to our online course Essential Oils For Dogs (wholesale member with 100pv minimum initial purchase)

  • FREE continued support through our online communities

  • Discounts on private Animal Aromatherapy Consultations

3. GEt started with essential oils for your pet

If you're ready to take your dog's and your own health into your hands and get started with oils and are not currently a doTERRA member, you can acquire your own personalized collection through us and benefit from special bonuses.

If you need help in selecting the right oils for you and your pet, use the GET STARTED button to reach out to us and we'll make sure to help you select what you need.

If you already know what oils you want/need and know what's the best purchase option for you, you can simply
click HERE and get your oils and we'll be in touch shortly after to set up your free consult. 

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