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Healthy From The Inside Out

Dog owners!

Interested in natural/alternative therapies for your dog's behaviour or health?

Have a dog with behaviour issues?

Have a dog with chronic health issues such as allergies, digestive problems, arthritis and more?


Pet Professionals!

Are you looking to add natural remedies to your toolbox?

Feel sometimes stuck with certain behaviours in dogs?

Interested to introducing your students to alternative therapies?

Dog professionals agree that dog training alone doesn't solve behaviour issues. It requires a dog that is healthy from the inside out. This includes physical and emotional health.

As long as dogs are either physically or mentally uncomfortable, the training results will always be lacking.

Whether their gut system is consistently upset or they're dealing with discomfort from allergies, pain, anxiety or stress, natural remedies can complement your training.

Working with therapeutic grade essential oils  is an easy way to help dogs better calm their system at a cellular level and address behavioural problems. As a result the dogs are more receptive to learning, can process new challenges better and recover faster from emotional stress. In many cases the use of therapeutic grade essential oils can enhance the training process and learning retention.

When it comes to health related challenges potentially affecting behaviour and quality of life, essential oils can help reduce inflammation that can reduce pain and discomfort so the body can better heal itself.

While there are several brands of essential oils  I chose to work with doTERRA Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils which are safe and approved by holistic Veterinarians. They can be a natural alternative or addition to the use of any medication. 

Top 10 Essential Oils For Dogs

5 Ways To Get Holistic Behaviour Support 

1. Purchase your own essential oil collection (no selling required)

If you're ready to take your dog's and your own health into your hands and get started with oils, you can buy buy your own personalized collection and benefit from a free consult, continuous support  and other bonuses.

2. Learn about Essential oils by attending a free class

(no selling or purchasing required)

If you simply want to learn more about the use, benefits and safety considerations of therapeutic grade essential oils for pets, and to possibly learn how to integrate this into your training practices, sign up to attend a free upcoming class.

Pet Essential Oil Course
Essential Oil Course For Dogs

3. Host a class for your clients/friends (no selling or purchasing required)

If you would like to introduce this knowledge to your clients/friends (and learn more yourself at the same time) for the purpose of their education and benefit of their dog or simply as a bonus cause you're an awesome pet pro, simply host a free virtual on in person class.

Just ask me how!

4. Pet Pros: learn to teach your students yourself 

If you're the person who's already in love with natural and holistic approaches for yourself or your pets and clients, you can learn how to use therapeutic grade essential oils and then integrate it for all their benefits actively into your training protocols and teach your clients to help their dogs.

I have different support systems for any pet professionals that would like to integrate this into the business to allow full flexibility without pressure to sell any product. My sole goal is to give this knowledge to more professionals that share a similar passion.

With doTERRA being an MLM model, there is a business aspect of it where you can earn commissions if your students decide to use and buy essential oils through you. My focus is however to teach you how to educate your clients and decide yourself whether you do it for commissions or just to benefit your clients and their dogs. 


If this is you, let's book a chat.

Essential Oils For Cats Course

5. Book A private Consult (for current doterra customers)

If you're already a doTERRA customer through someone else and would like to learn more about the use of these oils to support pets in general or for specific ailments. Book a private online consult for $195.00 CAD +gst

If you're a current K9 Possible - Simone K doTERRA customer, one full consult is included for free with the purchase of a wholesale account.