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K9 Possible Online Dog Training

Self guided Online Programs
A Fast Start For Every Level

Looking for immediate trouble shooting?

Need something budget friendly that gives you actionable steps?

Do you just need some start up help but don't want to commit to a full program schedule?

These self guided dog training courses are self paced online courses with detailed video curriculum, hand outs and training exercises, to get you started on your journey with your furry friend.


The courses do NOT include any personal support from a trainer in any form. They are not intended to solve any major behavioral problems such as aggression etc.

Access is limited to a certain time frame after purchase for each course (see course details).

K9 Possible Puppy Training and Puppy Class

Content Covered: 

  • Potty, Sleep & Crate Training

  • Puppy Development

  • Socialization

  • Introducing Puppy To Home & Resident Dogs

  • Problem Prevention & Resolution (Jumping, Nipping, Chewing, etc)

  • Health & Nutrition 

  • Basic Training (Name, Focus, Settling, Door Manners)

  • And More

Puppy Jumpstart Course (Self paced program) $75.00 +GST 

Everything Puppy!

Great for owners with puppies 8-14 weeks old who need support on potty training, crate training, socialization and how to prevent problem behaviors such as jumping, nipping etc. It also covers many other topics that are relevant for puppy owners to set their puppy up for success in the long term such as understanding puppy development, healthy feeding schedules, how to prepare them for vet or grooming visits and more.

Jump start with extensive video curriculum covering the most common puppy struggles, handouts and hand on exercises to get you through puppy hood smoothly.

K9 Possible Dog Training Free Puppy Training and Puppy Obedience

Content Covered: 

  • Canine Wellness

  • Nutrition & Health

  • Relationship Building

  • Canine Communication

  • Problem Prevention

  • Teaching Manners

  • Teaching Settling

  • Crate Training

  • Training Introduction

  • BONUS: Loose Leash Walking & Walking Tools

basic fast start Course (Self paced program) $125.00 +GST

This course will help give you understanding and actionable steps to start making changes in your dogs behaviour  immediately and moving towards a more enjoyable life.


Learn to understand how to prevent and manage problem behaviours, how to create a relationship so your dog WANTS to listen to you and teach your dog how to settle and be calm on their own, respect boundaries and how to overall have a happy well mannered dog.

Jam packed with video instruction and lecture, handouts and practical exercises to get you on the fast track to a well mannered dog.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Dogs

Essential oils for dogs (Self Guided program) $57.00 +GST 

Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils to support your dog naturally. 

This course, focuses on direct use of doTERRA essential oils and is designed to make application easy and straight forward.

It covers support for behavior, such as anxiety, thunder phobias, car anxiety etc, as well as the most common health issues from digestive upset, pain support for arthritis etc, to allergies, and immune support during kennel cough and much more. 

Designed by vet certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Simone K, the course includes specific video instruction and information, protocols and recipes.