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For Connection Beyond Training

coached training programs 

Do you want a life style where you can include your dog to the fullest without limiting yourself when out about and around the home?

Are you a person that wants to know how to not only train your dog to fit your lifestyle but also understand how to provide him with the best care whether it comes to physical or mental health?

Do you want a dog that thrives from the inside out so that you can live worry free with him?

Free Dog Training Plan

Self guided prorams

Looking for immediate trouble shooting?

Need something budget friendly that gives you actionable steps?

Do you just need some start up help but don't want to commit to a full program schedule?

Board & train program

Feel overwhelmed by the time investment of training?


Need a head start because you don't know where to start?

Want to enjoy your dog again?

K9 Possible Dog Training Free Puppy Training

Aromatherapy for Pets 

Does your dog struggle with health or behaviour issues such as anxiety, hyperactivity or reactivity or chronic allergies, pain, stomach issues etc. or other diagnosed illnesses?

Want to learn how to support your dog at the root to create health and behaviour from the inside out with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and aromatherapy used by many holistic veterinarians?

pet first aid

Would you know what to do in the immediate moment your beloved pet has an accident, whether it is at home even outside on a walk?

It is the time between an accident happening and arriving at the vet office that matters the most.


Get peace of mind by knowing how to respond in critical situations and being able to prevent unnecessary suffering to a pet and possibly save lives.