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Jen & Sadie, Transforming Life Trough Fusion Programs

Tess; The Out Of Control Jack Russel

Pulling like a maniac, running away, jumping up peeing out of excitement; Tess was a handful!


When Tess was 2 years old, her owners couldn't help themselves anymore and decided to let us do the work.

With our 3 week Stay N' Train program, Tess has turned into a very fun and enjoyable dog.


She is still busy and loves action but she now also knows how to be calm in the house, behave around visitors and be a great companion outside whether she is on or off leash.

Rudy The Ultimate Pup


In Rudy's case, the owner wanted to make sure she starts out on the right track and she wanted it ALL! ... And she got it!

She received the support she needed right from the start when Rudy was just 9 weeks old.


At 6 months old Rudy has turned into an enjoyable pup with excellent manners, leash walking skills and spot on recall!


Rudy is indeed the Ultimate Pup

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Ebony; Fearful & Slow To Trust


When Ebony was adopted she was already 4 years old and very under socialized.

She was generally insecure but in particular towards men which broke her owners heart just wanting to provide Ebony the best life possible.

Ebony started a training program personalized to her individual needs and in no time Ebony turned into a playful enjoyable pup for all family members.

Look at the fun she has with her male owner now!

Finn A Runaway


Finn is a typical hound who is lead through the world by his nose. This unfortunately caused him to totally forget about his owners when off leash.

After completing our program, Finn now has all the freedom a happy hound needs and the owners don't have to worry anymore about him not coming back when called.

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