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K9 Possible Dog Training British Columbia

Dog Training Programs
For The Dog Owner Who's Looking For Connection Beyond Training

  • Do you want a life style where you can include your dog confidently and to the fullest without limiting yourself when out about and around the home and a dog you can feel proud of ? We get that nobody wants to leave their dog home alone while out exploring or feel constantly worried, anxious or stressed. 

  • Are you looking for training support that provides you with the education needed to be successful from the beginning to end to ensure lasting behavior? Our most successful students aren't just dog owners, they are true dog enthusiasts that love learning with their dog and want the full deal when it comes to education rather than just fractions that leave them with inconsistent results.

  • Do you want a dog that thrives from the inside out so that you can live worry free with him? We know that you care deeply about your dog and want to have him have a long healthy and the most happy life possible. This is why we don't just focus on training alone but how to actually get results that last, because you have dog that's thriving. Our dynamic programs looks at all aspects of behavior and how you can make the best out of it.

We support you with holistically and lifestyle focused training programs with several learning components for the most effective learning experience for both ends of the leash. Our programs are are geared towards the committed active dog owner that is looking for a true connection beyond the basics.

Join our Coached Programs

We understand how busy life is and how hard it can be for many dog owners to commit to a set of traditional classes or lessons, without getting overwhelmed and then feel lost within, feeling they got only fractions of what's needed creating limited results.


So we've changed things up for you to make it easier AND to get you better results.

We're combining different learning components to through the most advanced education style, to ensure the learning is not only geared towards the dog but also YOU the human AND fits your lifestyle.

What to expect from our coached programs:

  • Different learning components including personal/private support and lessons, virtual components, group outings (for local students) & other experiential learning, success is not dependent on location, great for distance learning students too.

  • Flexible learning and improvement at your schedule, no missed classes or being overwhelmed

  • Consistent access to and support from the trainer, no waiting to ask questions. You need help today!

  • Special activities to help build your individual lifestyle with your dog to boost your confidence & provide structured safe socialization opportunities

  • Faster trouble shooting and behavior resolutions

  • A foundation built to last a life time, no hopping from class to class over and over



When you got your dog, you told yourself you will be doing everything right to ensure there will be no limits to your life. You never wanted a dog that grows up being out of control and not able to join you to all the places you want to take your dog.

You love your dog and you want your dog to be an integral part of all your activities. But not only that.... You want to know what's best for them in ANY aspect. You want to know how to keep them happy and healthy

You made the decision...

  • You are ready to have a dog that you can trust and enjoy all the freedom with that you have imagined when you got him!

  • AND you don't just want "dog training", you want to learn how to live THE lifestyle with your dog beyond training to get the most enjoyable years with your four legged partner.


  • You want a holistic focused training program for a happy healthy dog from the inside out and you want to know it ALL!

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