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K9 Possible Dog Training Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Kind Of Dogs Do You Train?

We focus pet dog training for the dog owner who wants more than just basic training and wants to know all nitty gritty stuff around getting their dogs physical and mental health to the max. Also the outdoor enthusiast who likes to include their dog into as many aspects of life as possible and we specialize in off leash reliability. We train all breeds (big and small) at any age. If you have any special requests please feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

You Specialize In Off Leash Training, How Are You Getting Dog's To Come When Called EVERY Time?

We strongly believe that all dogs should have the pleasure of enjoying off leash time to romp around but we also want the owner to feel safe and trust the dog will come back every time so you can all really enjoy your activities. Please watch THIS VIDEO that explains thoroughly on how we are achieving freedom and safety for dog and owner.

What Training Services Do You Offer?

Our very unique programs are designed to not only support the dog's learning but also match the human way of learning. After all, it's the human that has to train the dog! Our programs are to make training and learning easier for both ends of the leash with experiential components and having the ultimate support from the Instructor/Trainer to achieve long lasting results. We DO NOT offer single off private lessons to those who have not previously trained with us and neither do we offer traditional style basic group lessons. While these aspects can be components of our programs, they are not offered as a stand alone.

Free Online Dog Training

Do You Use Treats/Food For The Training?

Yes. While we do incorporate food in our training it is not used for all our training and if we do so, the goal is to eventually fade out the reinforcement by food. We rarely use treats but rather encourage our clients to use the dogs actual meals.

What Is Your Training Methodology?

We can sum up our methodology in one word. Balance. We use both positive and negative motivators in our training programs. If we are going to use any negative motivators (aversives), that would happen when the trainer/owner have properly instructed to the dog what they want him/her to do. Food, toys, praise are used with all dogs to motivate them for faster more reliable responses. Most dogs we work with don’t need much aversive control during the training process. Proper communication and motivation go a long way. We are not Purely Positive dog trainers because we believe that that methodology is not conducive to working with all dogs, off leash and in distracting environments. If you would like to find a Purely Positive trainer in your area we would be more than willing to refer you to one!

If you visit our Free Video and Blog section, you can see us in action which may give you a better idea of what to expect.

What Kind Of Training Tools Do You Use?

As versatile trainers and to achieve the best and most reliable results, we try to use whatever works best for the dogs. We use the following but are not limited to: regular leashes, slip leashes, food and toys as well as martingale collars, slip collars, head halters and harnesses, prong collars and remote training collars (e-collars). We also use holistic approaches such as essential oils, canine massage, reiki and support a species appropriate diet.

My Dog Is Reactive Towards People Or Dogs. Cane We Attend Your Group Classes

Our group outings are exclusively for clients who are active in one of our training programs so they can apply the learned in a controlled real life situation. To determine if your reactive dog suits our programs, we require to fill out a training application to decide what prior training is needed. 

Why Do You Need An Phone Evaluation Before I Can Sign Up For Training?

Your success is important to us and to determine what training option is the best for your ultimate success we would like to have a conversation with you in advance to guarantee best results. This also gives you a chance to get to know us and our training and have any questions and concerns answered to make sure we are a good fit for your training needs.

What Are Your Business Hours? 

We are open Tuesday to Friday 10am - 6pm

We are closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday

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