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Dog Business Coach

Custom acrylic pet portraits
Creating Lasting Memories Of Love

Painting Examples

Daniel Ford Beavis, 2 Barter pay.jpeg
Amanda Fitzhugh, Jet.jpeg
barter 3.jpg

Original examples

Roofus 1.jpg
Daniel Barter 2 cut.png
Sasha pic.jpg

Available portrait sizes

10 x 10" or 10 x 8" - CAD $150 + GST 

shipping $35 + GST

12 x 12" or 11 x 14" - CAD $200 + GST

shipping $40 + GST

16 x 16" or 16 x 20" - CAD $250 + GST

shipping $45 + GST

Custom Size - Please Contact

Gift Certificates Availalbe

the lay out of the picture provided will determine which format is used for best quality

Prices are for 1 dog portrait per canvas plus shipping within Canada and the United States.

11 x 14" or 16 x 20" can fit a second dog portrait on the same canvas at an upcharge of $100 + tax

If you order multiple paintings at once, there's an additional $10 + tax for shipping per painting.

A portion of all proceeds is donated to a dog rescue at the end of each year.

"Simone K painted the "girlz"... my English Bull Terriers. She captured their essence and they are treasures forever. Highly recommended!" Jan


All portraits are created on a stretched canvas with high quality acrylic paint and finished with a protective gloss to keep their brilliance a life time and will be shipped in a way to ensure that the painting stays safe. We apologize in advance if our shipping/protective material looks "messy" since we're doing our best to mainly use recycled shipping materials.

how to order your custom pet portrait

Please fill out the "order form"

Please note that there may be a wait time of up to 4 weeks for a painting to be completed. If you're needing the painting within a certain time frame please mention this in the note section. It may be possible to complete but may require an "rush charge" for completion and shipping.


Photo Requirements For Best Possible Portrait:

The painting will be made from one picture and will resemble said picture as much as possible. The quality of the photo (visible details, lights, clarity, absence of shadows etc.) with heavily influence the quality of the painting. What can't be seen on the picture can't be painted.

A CLOSE UP FRONT SHOT (typical portrait style) is required. If you're taking a new picture, it's best to take them during natural day light and ideally at face height of the dog while they are sitting or standing in front of you. Slight upwards look may be okay. You can submit multiple pictures and I will chose the best one.

If possible please avoid sending screen shots from Instagram etc. as it lessens the quality of the picture and makes it more blurry.


Joy and creativity is expressed in many ways and for Simone K the passion for dogs spills over in all areas of her life including hand made paintings for the Dog Lover.

Whether it's as the perfect gift for a celebration, a beloved memorial keepsake or just because you love your dog. Simone K is proud to paint portraits that capture the pet's spirit at its essence with remarkabkle resemblance. 

I understand that in certain circumstances, such as a pet having already passed away, it may not be possible to take more/better pictures than what currently is available. In that case, please submit the best picture possible and I'll be happy to discuss options. In the case where it is a surprise gift for someone else, if you can't find an appropriate picture, please inquire about our gift certificates.

For questions or general inquiries please contact by email at

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