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K9 Possible Dog Training

Okanagan Valley & Penticton Dog Training

& Holistic Pet services


 Serving Penticton, Kelowna, The Okanagan Valley, Canada, USA & GLOBALLY

Seeing ourselves as a dog owner & dog enthusiasts first and a dog trainer second, K9 Possible has been the leading resource for dog enthusiasts that want to adventure with their dogs and explore the world with them and around them. With overwhelming success we have been coaching committed dog owners to create the life style of their dreams for many years. 

With our market leading education model, we create a vibrant experience around training, wellness and life with dogs for not only dog owners but also dog professionals.

Not only do we offer
coached dog training programs for personalized support but also offer a few self guided online courses for the self starter as well as additional services such as Animal Aromatherapy and Pet First Aid

Dog Training For The Dog Enthusiast

Who Wants To Connect With Their Dog Beyond Training


  • Do you want a dog that you can simply enjoy and include in your life and you care about your dog's mannerism knowing that this will require more than just "The Basics"?

  • Are you the dog owner who wants to get to the nitty gritty of how you can provide your dog with the best care all around and from the inside out?

  • Someone who's picky about what you feed your dog, interested in learning more about holistic practices and that cares about fulfilling your dog's specific needs?

Then YOU are who we're looking for! That amazing dog owner who wants more!

We want to help you take away or prevent any frustration or worry you currently experience and guide you on the path to living the life with your dog as imagined. We're all about honoring the true connection between dogs and humans that goes far beyond basic obedience training. Only then we believe it is possible to serve both ends of the leash.

K9 Possible Dog Training Okanagan

Our goal is to not only help you create a lifestyle with your dog where you feel confident and proud, but where you thrive TOGETHER. Our dynamic coaching system with a modern education platform for experiential & distance programs with personalized private support will prepare you for your lifestyle with your dog.

Free Dog Training Training Plan
Essential Oils For Dogs

Animal Aromatherapy

Natural Behaviour & Health Support


Interested in natural/alternative therapies for your dog's behaviour or health?

Have a dog with behaviour issues and feel stuck?

Have a dog with chronic health issues such as allergies, digestive problems, pain or arthritis etc. or other diagnosed illnesses?

Learn more about how animal aromatherapy can benefit and improve your training results as well as supporting your dogs health naturally and effectively.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Pets
Walks N Wags Pet First Aid

pet first aid

Prepare For Unthinkable Pet Emergencies


Would you know what to do in the immediate moment your beloved pet has an accident?

Get peace of mind by knowing how to respond in critical situations and being able to prevent unnecessary suffering to a pet and possibly save lives.

We're offering in person and virtual courses including private courses for groups