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What You Need To Know About A Bully Breed Puppy

Your Bully Breed Puppy Isn’t Like All The Other Puppies Puppies, all of them just like they come, do puppy things. Chewing, nipping, biting, growling (yes, it is normal for young puppies to growl as they learn to use their voice and find out what actions result in what reactions). When you get a bully breed puppy, you must be prepared for all the above and potentially to the much more extreme than you’d expect. To the point where it comes across as aggression. The thing is, IT’S NORMAL. IT’S WHAT IS TO EXPECT FROM A HEALTHY WELL BRED BULLY PUPPY We have to get a way from thinking that the bully breeds are like any Labrador and just need some snuggly love and understand that in their genetics

Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil

I love the fact that more holistic approaches are considered for treating behavior issues such as anxiety with dogs, but is it always the right solution? Nowadays there’s so much more information out there and tools that we can utilize for the benefits of our dogs. CBD oil is the hype currently and so are essential oils that can be used in various different ways for the benefits of your dog and yourself. I myself have actually started incorporating essential oils for my dogs. The concern I have however is that it seems to be a 1st go to for many people right now instead of using it as complimentary treatment. People going online saying “my dog has anxiety what should I do” and there come the

How To Chose The Right Walking Tool For Your Dog

Let me tell you the story of Cathie and her two big Labradors Charlie & Sam Cathie is a wonderful dog owner that due to some physical issues wasn’t able to walk the boys safely as they pulled so hard. Therefore, the life of all involved was very restricted keeping them locked at home and in the yard which really wasn't the life Cathie had imagined with them. So they decided to put in some training work so they can get out together. Due to the owner’s medical issues, we talked about different tools that allow here to handle the dogs as safely as possible for her. First we decided to use a Halti (a head halter) on both dogs. We took our fair time to introduce them properly and make sure the do

Questions To Ask The Rescue You Are Planning To Adopt From

Well I have to say, I’m struggling with the rescue culture and how hard it is to find a responsible rescue nowadays. For a long time I have wanted to be involved with a rescue to volunteer and help with my services but truly have been shocked how many rescues are not truthful when it comes to providing full disclosure about dogs in their care (or present the issues in a down playing way) and then provide a lack of support after adoption. This simply leads to owners that are burned by the experience of adoption and then often do not want to do so again and will even rather buy from a back yard breeder in the future. So I kept searching and finally actually found a rescue I align with but not

How Much Does Good Dog Training Really Cost?

When recently discussing a training program with a potential client we discussed what dog training really costs them. Funny enough, it was the prospect that that came up with that math topic on the phone all by herself because she realized the value of dog training… Anyways, they called me because their dog who has basic training already just didn’t seem to listen when it was really important to them. They were really concerned about their dog’s safety when they were hiking or even playing in a field. Worried that their dog could take off and run in front of a car or chase after wild life. They shared how playing with their dog sometimes was more frustrating than anything else and how they f

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